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We are team of young professional searching for our place under the stars as we try new ways to connect, to express ourselves, to step past the boundary of imaginary limitations.

Inspired by the neon angels of Hong Kong, we fell in love with Cybershades™ the moment we discovered them. Each day we get up early in the morning and work around the clock to find such unconventional accessories and bring them closer to you. All that with hopes that wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever you are doing, they will take you a step further on the road to expression. On the road to finding your place underneath the night sky.

We say what's on our mind. We do what we want to do. And we believe in our cause. Nobody can take that away from us. To us, putting on Cybershades™ feels like dancing in the face of a thunderstorm. We are the new generation.
Our folks back home wore Lennons when they were our age - we wear Cybershades™ because they're all the rage!