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We took our Cybershades™ to EDC and we were NOT ready for how much everybody LOVED them. These are perfect for festivals, raves, even a night out!

CyberShades™ come with an App that connects via Bluetooth and requires no internet connection. Customize text and drawings or select from a variety of built-in patterns.

Running on a powerful USB-charged lithium-ion polymer 180mAh battery lasting for 500+ recharge cycles, the LED Cybershades™ will not only survive, but thrive on any festival, rave, Saturday night out or a casual apocalypse! Available in 5 different color variations

Get your message out there and get the party going. 

Will Cybershades™ block my View?

We get this asked a lot - Cybershades™ were designed not to obstruct your view - so you are able to interact with your surroundings freely. For more details please visit out FAQ section - They can be worn over prescription glasses as well.

Cybershades™ charge via Micro-USB port on the left temple - a discrete LED indicator light glows red when charging is in progress and green once it’s done. With a fully charged battery lasting up to 6 hours. 

If you are planning to head to some of this year’s absolutely lit festivals with your friends, why not take the whole thing 2049 levels higher and get everyone a pair of these? Talk about getting noticed.

Why Partygoers Around The World Love Their Cybershades™

✔️ Smooth operation
✔️ Reliable connection
✔️ Superior battery life
🌎 We ship worldwide - shipping will take around 2-3 weeks - for more info visit our Shipping & Delivery Page