Cybershades™: World's Premier LED Eyeglasses


Make The World A Brighter Place

Party Like It's 2049!


What it's all about...

Express yourself. Release the glow.
We go out at night, dressed up & talking to strangers, dancing in the night.
Some of us don’t even know where we’ll wind up when we walk out the door and just head OUT.
That’s exactly the point, to get it all out. To vent. We seek expression. We seek to witness life, and to be witnessed. We pulsate positive vibes just like quasars pulsate matter in space.
We are microcosms.
Our dancefloor, the Universe.

Play With It!

Write your message and light it up on your Cybershades™ brighter than the Sun, for everyone to see.
Customize your own text or drawings and showcase your playful energy.
A new generation of LED specs is here to overclock your party systems.
Cybershades™ are a matter of expression.

Specifications Highlights

Here's what it all goes down to.

  • Fully Customizable Output

    Cybershades™ come with an easy-to-use yet versatile mobile application, compatible both with Android and iOS. Simple interface makes it easy to navigate through the app and adjust brightness, speed & direction with one finger in a matter of seconds. Likewise, the app enables you to create custom drawings & type in a text of your own. Additionally, the shades come with 8 insanely cool in-built party patterns that you can sport or draw creative inspiration from.

  • Off the Grid Connectivity

    Cybershades™ connect to your phone via Bluetooth and require no internet connection. This allows for an instant response to app commands and goes easier on the battery, enabling you to customize the output wherever you are, regardless of connectivity.

  • USB Charged Li-Ion Battery

    On the left temple, you will find a subtle USB charging port. The LED indicator shines a red light while charging is in progress, and powers off once it’s done. The high-capacity Li-Ion battery withstands up to 6 hours of continuous partying.

  • Enhanced Eyesight, More Comfort

    Cybershades™ are lightweight and designed to fit accordingly, without sliding off. The soft & elastic rubber nosepad allows for extra comfort, while simultaneously playing an anti-slip role. Additionally, the front LED grid was made with just enough space between the lines not to obstruct your eyesight yet still create lively LED displays.

Cybershades™: Hacking the Fourth Social Wall

In cinema, breaking the fourth wall means speaking to the audience or looking at the camera. In real life, breaking the fourth wall these days means starting a conversation with somebody you just met.

  • Ultimate Festival Accessory

    If you are planning to head to some of this year’s absolutely lit festivals with your friends, why not take the whole thing 2049 levels higher and get everyone a pair of these? Talk about getting noticed.

  • Instant Conversation Piece

    Cybershades™ let you be original with your texts or animation and break the ice in a unique and very likely unforgettable manner. But hey - people are awesome - sometimes you won’t even have to be the one to make the first move. We’ve already had several people approach us to ask about the glasses, only to wind up partying together!

  • The Night Is Your Playground

    Craft witty texts and draw imaginative animations. Cybershades™ let you share the patterns, texts and animation you created. One cheesy line can change the night for everyone involved. The only limit is your imagination!

Why Partygoers Around The World Love Their Cybershades™

Smooth operation. Reliable connection. Superior battery life.
Easy Customization

Switch between patterns with one finger in a matter of seconds using the mobile app or the switch at the top right corner. Additionally, the shades come with 8 insanely cool in-built party patterns that you can sport or draw creative inspiration from.

Stable Connection

Super fast Bluetooth connection means  that wherever you wear your Cybershades™, you will always be able to customize them. While in-app and disconnected, the app background is green, yet once Cybershades™ connect via Bluetooth, the background color changes to purple.

Superb Battery Lifespan

Once charged, the Cybershades™ go on for 6+ hours. They take less time to recharge than your girl takes to ready up for the night out. Additionally, the high-quality engineering resulted in a longer battery lifespan, giving every pair of Cybershades™ 500+ charging cycles.

Multilingual Output

Capable of displaying the majority of the world's most spoken languages, Cybershades™ have no trouble displaying English, Chinese, Russian & Japanese. To check whether your language is available, feel free to reach out and ask, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!


Here's what our Cybercustomers think...

I love Cybershades! Bought a pair for both myself and my darling. Wanted to surprise him before Coachella, the reaction was priceless!!!

Surprised how long the battery lasts. Couple of days back, I got home at 7am with Cybershades still going full throttle. You should’ve seen their faces!

Definitely one of the dopest accessories I packed for Ibiza this year. Already tested it, all my friends & people in the city go crazy over them. Ordering several more just now, hope they arrive before my flight first week of June! Would love to surprise my girlfriends there and take these Cybershades for a hell of a ride.

I just unboxed four pairs that I ordered a week ago. Got these for my boys, we’re preparing to board a party cruiser in July. It’s going down!

Obsessed with the text feature, I keep looking for opportunities to wear mine lol. These days I’m thinking, do I really need to wait for an opportunity? How about I just take them to the store with me. Or the bakery. A text message is a cool way to buy your latte, isn't it?

How many times do you have to drop these accidentally in order for them to break? Can’t believe they survived last night’s frat party. This girl even stepped on them. Like, I drop my phone once, BOOM it’s gone, just like that. I drop this piece of plastic 10 times in an hour, a girl steps on them, and they still work? What sorcery is this.